Newborn Baby Photographer in studio Salem MA

Newborn Baby Photographer in studio • Salem MA

Newborn baby photographs in the studio are the best. Everything we need is here… the wraps, the headbands, the warm beanbag ‘backdrop’ to help these tiny subjects fall fast asleep. We love having new parents find us online and come to the Salem MA studio for ideal conditions to create these amazing portraits!

Most new clients ask us “what should I bring to a newborn portrait session?” Realistically, you only need to bring the baby (and yourselves!). We have all you really need to create the perfect portrait. Clothing is so unnecessary for the baby, since most newborn clothes really don’t fit a baby’s body anyway. Besides, the most loved portraits show off the baby’s beautiful features… including the tiny hands, tiny feet, perfect face, lips and profile.

Little baby Samara was the ideal subject! She slept soundly for nearly the entire session, allowing us to gently curl her body into the most flattering positions, so as to see all her darling features.

Every now and then, we are able to capture that elusive smile that dashes across a sleeping baby’s face. With several years of experience under our belt, we have learned to detect when a baby might spring a smile on us! In this case, we were ready in time for that darling smile!


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