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Boston Baby Photographer • newborn baby girl Reagan

I get so excited when my clients return to the studio for our Baby’s First Year portrait plan with a second or third child.  As a baby photographer, I do get to know my clients well and the parents of newborn baby girl Reagan are quite familiar with the studio, so it is with a great deal of joy to see them return. This is their third daughter enrolling in the baby plan! Big sisters Avery and Stella know us well and look forward to visiting the studio to see us.

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What is fun for me as a baby photographer is to notice how similar the three sisters are in their newborn portraits. It is remarkable how much alike they are, while still having their own clear identity, too. At birth, each have almost exactly the same amount of hair, same hair line, similarly shaped faces and eyes. (I’ll have to share in another post some side by side comparisons!)

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At Reagan’s newborn session, the big sisters were very sweet on her. The two of them were so gentle and loving. How endearing!

boston baby photographer massachusetts


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