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Being a children’s photographer, I get to meet so many different personalities in children. I see the full blown effervescent smiles to the quiet tender moments, all within a very short span of time. These portraits of 1 year old Piper demonstrate the range. One moment she was full of unbridled joy and the next she falls quiet, hugging her beloved stuffed animal named Skidmore.

boston children's photographyOf all the expressions I encounter, my heart melts over the softer expressions. They are the ones least sought out by the average candid shooter. Yet, those quiet expressions hold the most power. They hold your attention longer. They draw you in. And to me, they hold greater value than the more candid smiling quick take.

A child’s portrait that captures a quiet moment will generally show off that child’s wide eyes and beautiful facial features. Generally my clients fall in love with these images, for a few reasons. In my experience, one reason is that the image is more unexpected and stands out as different from the silly funny faces of a young toddler. Most days, their child is non-stop active, ever moving about, and rarely is there a moment to pause and take in the quiet.

boston children's photography

Of course, I would be a shame to not capture those big smiles, too! Which is why my desire is to fulfill a range of imagery to remember this special time in a child’s life. Silly expressions come and go and it’s my role to capture and document those fleeting moments.

boston children's photography


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