Classic Children’s Portrait | Nepal Rice Feeding

classic child's portrait 6 month

Classic Child’s Portrait Honoring Tradition

The parents of this 6 month baby girl wanted to honor her heritage by embracing the centuries old tradition of Pasni, a rice feeding ceremony in Nepalese culture. On the day of the portrait session in the studio, she had a delightful disposition, and was quite adept at holding the bowl and spoon at the same time. We had a number of great expressions and poses to choose from, but this specific portrait caught the hearts of her parents and was chosen as their formal wall portrait.

Nepal Rice Feeding Ceremony

The rice feeding ceremony, Pasni, is a Hindu custom in Nepal which marks the milestone of a baby’s transition from breast milk to solid foods. Historically, this is considered a sign of good health, as the child is able to digest solid foods. Most rice feeding ceremonies traditionally include rice pudding to symbolize the first solid food.

It is traditional in the Hindu custom to have the baby dressed in red velvet that has been embroidered with silver and gold thread. Silver bracelets and anklets are commonly worn adornments, used to ward off bad omens and keep the baby safe.


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