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Bobbie Bush
Bobbie Bush Photography • Salem, MA

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I'm ready now to reserve a newborn session.I'm ready now to enroll in the full year baby plan.I'd love to schedule an appointment to visit the studio in Salem before I make my decision.I'm still a bit unsure and have just a few questions and would like for someone to contact me to learn more.

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I'm pregnant now and planning ahead.My little one is a newborn -- less than 2 weeks!My baby is 1-3 months.My baby is 3-6 months.My baby is 6-12 months.My baby is older than 12 months and I'd love to learn more about your children's portraits.I'm considering the Baby Plan as a gift for someone other than myself.

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I'm so excited. This is my first child.We're adding to the family and have more than one child.

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