directions for Wingaersheek portraits

Where to find us for your beach photos at Wingaersheek.


Where to find Bobbie Bush Photography at the beach


Wingaersheek Beach is located at 232 Atlantic Street in Gloucester, MA, less than 3 miles from exit 13 off Route 128. We often meet here at the end of the day, after the beach-going crowds have left for the day.

Where to Park

After 5pm, the parking attendants leave for the day and parking is free. Plus, the parking lot is less crowded, too! Typically you’ll see my car (grey Honda CRV with kayak racks) parked in the left side corner of the lot closest to the concession area.

Down to the Beach

I will often meet families down ON the beach (rather than in the parking lot), so that I am ready for you when you arrive. Follow the sandy path closest to the bathhouse and walk down towards the water (see map). Once you set foot on the beach itself, stay to the left along the rocks. We often begin in the shade, out of the sun’s direct heat, along the large smooth rocks to your left. You will find me there.

Other Helpful Notes

It can get buggy as the sun sets, so be prepared with bug spray. It’s helpful to bring snacks for the kids, since the concession stand is closed for the day. The bathroom facilities typically close up at 5pm, or very shortly after 5pm, so plan accordingly.