How to Prepare for Your Baby Photos in the Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan

Your baby changes SO quickly in the first year. The first year of their life is so incredibly fleeting that it is priceless to capture these important milestones! We love watching them grow and sharing that experience with you. To make the most of your experience, it’s so important to prepare for your baby photos in advance.

getting ready newborn baby
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Newborn Baby:
1-12 days old

The first two weeks of your baby’s life is truly a miracle. Newborns are photographed in the studio for a very special three hour session. Classic black & white fine art images as well as precious color portraits are captured in your newborn session. Most newborn sessions take place when the baby is 1-12 days old.

What to Wear & Bring for Your Newborn Session:

Newborns are best photographed with little or no clothing at all. For parents, we recommend wearing a long sleeved solid black shirt to be photographed with the baby. You’re also welcomed to bring a special item or outfit. Some examples are handmade blankets, stuffed animals or even your wedding rings. For more information, see our detailed newborn information (FAQ) page. Download our Getting Ready Guide for more ideas and a helpful checklist.

getting ready 3 month baby photos
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3-4 Months:
Holding Head Up

The 3-4 month stage is photographed when your baby can hold their head up on their own, when laying on their belly. Some babies reach this stage right at 3 months, and others will closer to 4 months old. This is also a great time to capture our famous bucket shot! This session takes less time than the newborn session and we’re able to capture a great variety of portraits in under an hour.

What to Wear & Bring for Your 3 Month Session:

Bare-chested babies photograph the best! We prefer to see all the delightful features at this stage… chubby cheeks, fingers & toes, folds in thighs, etc. Clothing can bunch up around a baby’s neck when laying down, so we love seeing bare skin. We will also do a few poses with an outfit (sleeveless tops work best), hats and hair accessories. We do have a nice variety, or you can bring your own too. Download our Getting Ready Guide for more ideas and a helpful checklist.

getting ready 6 month baby photos
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6-7 Months:
Sitting Up

A six month old is often full of smiles, giggles and personality in their newly found independence of sitting up. To get the best results, your baby should be sitting up, without your assistance. It’s best that the baby is over the wobbly stage, so we don’t risk toppling over during the session. We also do our famous bare bottom shots, and the session is often completed in under an hour. Download our Getting Ready Guide for more ideas and a helpful checklist.

What to Wear & Bring for Your 6 Month Session:

This session is designed to be half naked, and half clothed. We begin the session with your baby mostly naked. Later, a few changes of clothes (simple solids or stripes or small patterns, no logos) are best to wear. Shoes and socks are unnecessary, as a barefoot baby is a happy baby! Favorite props and wardrobe at this stage include jeans for boys, skirts or tutus for girls, bathing suits, stuffed animals, baseball caps and gloves. You may always bring more than we need, and we can help you chose which items or outfits are best.

getting ready 12 month baby photos
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One Year Old Baby: Standing & First Steps

Around 12 months, your baby may be standing completely on their own or by holding onto a stationary object. We also supply a frosted birthday cake, ready for your baby to celebrate their first year. The 12 month session is a messy one, but loads of fun!

What to Wear & Bring for the 12 Month Session:

This session is an opportunity to bring a wider selection of clothing styles and perhaps a pair of shoes. Clothing choices may include button down shirts for boys and sweet summer dresses for girls. We suggest a variety of clothing options from formal holiday attire to casual jeans, khakis and polo shirts.  For the cake smash, boys do well with a bare chest. Girls can be in a colorful outfit, as long as you are fine with it being covered in frosting. Be prepared with a fresh set of clothes following the cake smash, for both the baby and you! Download our Getting Ready Guide for more ideas and a helpful checklist.

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