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When choosing to have professional photographs of your new baby, this is my number one favorite newborn baby photo idea that I share with my clients. Babies grow incredibly fast in their first year. One day they fit in the palm of your hand, and next, they are nearly waist high and running circles around you.

The best idea I have seen is one I love to show my clients, and it is super simple!

What’s my #1 favorite tip for baby portraits?

Include a stuffed animal in the portraits!

Yes! Every time you have the baby photographed, include the same prop each time. Here in my example, the prop is a simple stuffed animal penguin. By including the same item in each portrait, you can see the changes in your baby, month to month. It’s amazing to see the transformation of a baby over time.

With just the addition of a simple prop, you can visually show the rapid growth of your baby over the course of her development.

I love to share this story with my clients and give them ideas when we are planning their baby’s newborn photo session, as we plan the milestones of the baby’s first year ahead.

I often recommend that a client bring a plush soft stuffed toy to the session. Sometimes the stuffed animal prop is one that was a gift from a special family member, or grandparent. Sometimes the stuff animal prop could even be an old familiar and tattered lovie that once belonged to the parent. Whichever your choice, find a snuggly lovie that the baby can grow with.

newborn baby photo idea

newborn baby photo idea of a tiny newborn baby next to her stuffed toy

3 month baby photo idea

3 month old baby growing bigger next to her stuffed toy

6 month baby photo idea

6 month old baby sitting up and interacting with her stuffed toy

9 month baby photo idea

9 month old baby so much bigger next to the same stuffed animal toy


12 month baby photo idea

12 month baby, now standing, towering over her stuffed toy


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